In a place where time runs slowly born a new retreat. Surrounded by rural landscapes of the banks of the river Selho, Vale de São Torcato lives of colors, smells and flavors of each season. The corn, mills, hanging vines and the granite historical monuments paint the valley. Six kilometers of Guimarães now stands a tourist complex of luxury with six residential structures 40 equipped with air conditioning m², TV, room with kitchenette and toilet. You can soak up the sun and soak in the outdoor pools for adults and children, on the terrace or in the garden. You can even entertain yourself with bicycles and a miniature golf course. Do not miss the wine bar of Guimarães Carole Coelho, which was considered the best barmaid of Portugal at Lisbon Bar Show and here presents a wide selection of cocktails, gins and national wines - including green wine São Torcato. In the property surroundings you can try Minho food and traditional sweets, tour the Camellias Park Flavius, which has the largest collection of camellias Reticulatas in the country, or live family adventures in VivaPark.

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