Vale de S. Torcato

The rural life in all its splendor, the religious sense and spirituality of S. Torcato suggests this parish as a geographic space that best represents the authenticity of an entire region, the true spirit of deep Minho.
The Vale de S. Torcato was a difficult but rewarding challenge.
The considerations for the site and program settings justify the occupation defined solution and formally proposed volume and adopted languages.
The difficulty was to address the architectural design in this framework surrounding. Integrate and to feel the spirit of S. Torcato, bring to Vale de S. Torcato the elements that characterize this underlying authenticity: Small ways; granaries; pergolas and porches; scattered housing units; the square; water and vegetable surroundings. Also, respect for the natural topography of the land, the small walls that support the
platforms, the organic shape of the spatial occupation.
It is not possible a good architecture restricted to each of the individual buildings, limited only to state an appearance of exclusive facade to the contour of its object. It is essential the space relationship between buildings, the ability to establish relations with the outside space.



The architectural quality of the Vale de S. Torcato is also in the quality of equipment and contiguous spaces to housing units. This is a clear differentiation parameter that is characterized by common living spaces integrated into the areas of garden and collective swimming pool.
The interior spaces of the housing units follows naturally, the logic of the functional requirements and programmatics required. The discreet and contained use of its materials, textures and color, evidence a quality and consistent formal clarity with the distinctive image of the entire set.
The development of Vale de S. Torcato has the quality certificate which adds more value to the built heritage of the parish S. Torcato, by establishing references and evidences; by favoring integration´s concern of the public space; for the availability of quality in tourist accommodation offer and for the efforts of those who want to be differentiated by the quality.