Modern and challenging, the Vale de S. Torcato – Houses & Wine Bar opened in June, in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Guimarães

In the quiet village of S. Torcato, out of center Guimarães, It opened in summer 2017 an accommodation that defies the odds. O Vale de S. Torcato – Houses & Wine Bar surprises by modernity and use of contemporary art in a rural setting.

The novelty arises as cool wind in the area, but does not turn away from the reality that saw her born: embraces it with the same intensity. As? In the name, figure inspired S. Torcato, venerated on earth, and identity of the area: attempts to replicate the "little ways, granaries, pergolas and porches, scattered housing units, the square, water and vegetable surroundings ", respecting, at the same time, "The natural topography of the land, small walls that support the platforms, The organic shape of the spatial occupation ", describes a presentation note.

The statues of Dinis Ribeiro, local artist, highlight the female figure of "Mother Nature" in the gardens and they add interest and differentiating elements to seven houses of the enterprise (€90 a €160). The apartments have a living room, kitchenette and beds with cotton sheets, It is decorated with craft Antonio Araújo and generous frames of Pedro Guimaraes. The screens represent eight different subjects around the Sanctuary of S. Torcato, visible from the unit. Of strong colors, the works and furniture give life to spaces Vale de S. Torcato – Houses & Wine Bar (Rua das Charnecas, 100, S. Torcato – Guimarães. Tel. 253 534 008).

In these houses, which holds two adults and two children, comfort conditions were guaranteed, wants to sofa beds and chairs or on the walls, made of brick that allows better thermal and acoustic insulation. Prevail timber and the lining is in microcement.

The project from Armindo Carvalho, businessman on the distribution of decorative fabrics, it was "a difficult challenge, but rewarding ". The gardens are filled by fruit trees, and even bonsai camellia, strategically placed by the pool, as if the relaxation of body and spirit those require water, like trees, tranquility, time and, why not, some "artistic ability". Also children have a pool just for them…

In the summer, breakfasts - simple, but tasty – They are served on the terrace, going to the tables of the Wine Bar in the cold seasons. In the Vale de S. Torcato – Houses & Wine Bar it is planned a service of light meals on request, but for now the alternative are the restaurants of the county (the unit has partnerships in this chapter).

With time feature, enjoy the sun on the terrace of Vale de S. Torcato – Houses & Wine Bar. You can also request a massage and explore the miniature zone, great for entertaining the younger. That way there are wooden benches and tables for a picnic, which are synonymous with pleasant afternoons, since the river Selho passes right next…

Neighboring this unit's minigolf , a garden with more than 100 camellia varieties is another point of interest visitable. As the artificial lake that is the 200 meters. Go walking or have a free bike in the unit, to prolong the adventure in the vicinity.

Back to accommodation refuge in the beautiful Wine Bar. It is always open and is a good chance for those who want a drink while waiting for the evening or the hour of sleep.




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