So good…family, friends and head to sites, that bring us peace and tranquility .
A walk in Guimaraes, and visit to S. Torcato, where we were staying. I did not know the village but were rendered upon arrival, for the impressive monastery, an imposing building that invites you to a visit. A rural village, friendly that invites your visit. Oftentimes, also pilgrim crossing point, of the routes of the Santiago Way.
Vale de S.Torcato, where we stayed, with a very quiet surroundings and great care and decorated. We were in one of the apartments "a small house", where comfort is present in every detail. I loved the decor, and realize that each object was not set at random. The room is excellent, both the organization level, decoration, as the quality of textiles. The living room has a sofa bed where were the Girl's, and the kitchen is equipped to make meals.
This time of year, we were not brave enough to use the swimming pool, but was promised a next one, there to take advantage of the maximum space. Breakfast is served at the table, a cozy room, jams, natural juice, several qualities of bread, a delicious croissants, the variety is more than enough.
Still had time for Girl's to seize the mini golf area, as was rain we did not take a swing that there exists, facing a river ...
A thank you to all the staff for the friendliness and professionalism! we promise to return.


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