At a time when the tourism of Portugal is perhaps the most fruitful phase of its history, there are numerous cases of new projects coming streamline and complement the extensive existing offer.

It is with naturality that we see São Torcato figure effectively, since June this year, excellence among the options in the search for a solution of comfort and relaxation in the surrounding area of ​​Guimarães.

To the taste of yet another accomplished mission, after finishing the process of design and installation of two pools on site, a Guimágua leaves the assurance that the Vale de São Torcato – Houses & Wine Bar, it is a disparate space in the region, with valences able to make leisure time a constant reality.

The space is defined the same as uni retreat where time runs slowly, conducive to the discovery of treasures in the history of Portugal, where visitors can experience unforgettable moments and relax in an environment peaceful and reconciliatory. “


“Vale de São Torcato Houses & Wine Bar – A distinctive tourism offer”. Guimágua. 6 July, 2017.