The Vale de S. Torcato Houses & Wine Bar is the place where the landscape awakens the senses and allows you to recover the energies. Six kilometers away from Guimarães Castle, the quiet village of S.Torcato is located in a rural area of ​​the city council who saw the Portugal's birth. It is since the summer of last year that this space offers refined accommodation. It is in harmony with nature and the rich cultural heritage that are guaranteed comfort, tranquility, the safety and well-being for all who come to this space.

The houses are equipped with living room, kitchenette and beds with cotton sheets. The walls are made of brick, allowing greater thermal and acoustic insulation. These accommodations fit two adults and two children. The gardens have fruit trees and camellias, next to pool, to relax the body and soul. The Dinis Ribeiro statues, local artist, stand out in this space. The craft that is part of the decor is Antonio Araújo's and the paintings belong to Pedro Guimarães.
A garden with more than 100 camellia varieties is a point of interest to visit, as well as the artificial lake that is at 200 meters. In good weather, You can enjoy the sun on the terrace. You can also enjoy a massage and explore the mini-golf area. Over there, there are benches of wood and tables for a picnic, near the river Selho. The Wine Bar is always open and is the ideal place for those who want a drink as the late afternoon arrives. For now, the Vale de S.Torcato Houses & Wine Bar does not have on-site dining, but the space has partnerships with county restaurants.

With name inspired by the figure of S.Torcato, christian martyr, venerated on land and on the area's identity, this refuge is trying to replicate the slatted granaries, pergolas and porches, the scattered dwellings, the square, water and respect for the natural typography. The Vale de S.Torcato Houses & Wine Bar was awarded the Guest Review Awards 2017 pelo Booking, with a score of 9.6 in 10.



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