Vale de S. Torcato Houses and Wine Bar

The Vale de S. Torcato Houses and Wine Bar is located in the city Guimarães, very close to its historic district and the Guimarães Castle.

Corresponding to high quality standards, this accommodation unit ensures you all the comfort, tranquility, safety and well-being, either for yourselve as for the whole family. If you are seeking unique and unforgettable experience throughout the year, here is the solution.



All rooms have views of the outdoor pool, where there is a terrace for sunbathing on sunny days.

This is a favorite destination that is waiting to be discovered, where there is a palette of colors and sensations that certainly vary according to each season of the year.

This accommodation suggestion, includes a bar, which is a quiet and secluded space with an environment where moments of relaxation abound.


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