Vale de S. Torcato Houses and Wine Bar

The Vale de S. Torcato Houses and Wine Bar is located in the city Guimarães, very close to its historic district and the Guimarães Castle.

Corresponding to high quality standards, this accommodation unit ensures you all the comfort, tranquility, safety and well-being, either for yourselve as for the whole family. If you are seeking unique and unforgettable experience throughout the year, here is the solution.



All rooms have views of the outdoor pool, where there is a terrace for sunbathing on sunny days.

This is a favorite destination that is waiting to be discovered, where there is a palette of colors and sensations that certainly vary according to each season of the year.

This accommodation suggestion, includes a bar, which is a quiet and secluded space with an environment where moments of relaxation abound.


“Vale de S. Torcato Houses and Wine Bar”. Escapadinhas. 12 of April, 2018.

The Vale de S. Torcato Houses & Wine Bar is the place where the landscape awakens the senses and allows you to recover the energies. Six kilometers away from Guimarães Castle, the quiet village of S.Torcato is located in a rural area of ​​the city council who saw the Portugal's birth. It is since the summer of last year that this space offers refined accommodation. It is in harmony with nature and the rich cultural heritage that are guaranteed comfort, tranquility, the safety and well-being for all who come to this space.

The houses are equipped with living room, kitchenette and beds with cotton sheets. The walls are made of brick, allowing greater thermal and acoustic insulation. These accommodations fit two adults and two children. The gardens have fruit trees and camellias, next to pool, to relax the body and soul. The Dinis Ribeiro statues, local artist, stand out in this space. The craft that is part of the decor is Antonio Araújo's and the paintings belong to Pedro Guimarães.
A garden with more than 100 camellia varieties is a point of interest to visit, as well as the artificial lake that is at 200 meters. In good weather, You can enjoy the sun on the terrace. You can also enjoy a massage and explore the mini-golf area. Over there, there are benches of wood and tables for a picnic, near the river Selho. The Wine Bar is always open and is the ideal place for those who want a drink as the late afternoon arrives. For now, the Vale de S.Torcato Houses & Wine Bar does not have on-site dining, but the space has partnerships with county restaurants.

With name inspired by the figure of S.Torcato, christian martyr, venerated on land and on the area's identity, this refuge is trying to replicate the slatted granaries, pergolas and porches, the scattered dwellings, the square, water and respect for the natural typography. The Vale de S.Torcato Houses & Wine Bar was awarded the Guest Review Awards 2017 pelo Booking, with a score of 9.6 in 10.



Almeida, Rita. “Escape the city”. magazine Street, p.62, 1 of April, 2018

Seven houses the color of the ground, lots of wood and green fruit trees and camellias mark the Vale de São Torcato, where the invitation to rest comes from all corners.

We give back to Guimarães and within minutes we passed shoe factories that give rise to and cultivated green fields on the slopes. We are coming to São Torcato and the imposing sanctuary of the same name immediately draws attention. It is almost impossible not seeing, perched on top of the village. Curve curved surrounded by Minho road stone walls, we got to the first local accommodation of the land , on the slope that extends the shadow of the sanctuary.

When Armindo Carvalho decided to venture into this business, for more than three years, São Torcato had "one bed" to receive those who visit them, for business or tourism. The entrepreneur, native of this village of Guimarães, He did not let himself be ashamed and wanted to bet on a "different segment". For the company that manages for 22 years, in the field of decorative fabrics - or were not we in a part of the country where the textile industry is queen -, seeked experience in materials. And the cabinet CREAR - Design and Architecture and Engineering Studies, from Guimarães, the draft straight lines and earth tones that contrast with the rest of rural houses and white. It is the Vale de São Torcato.

"My idea was to create a sort of village, a gated community ", tells the owner. The land has a slight slope and the houses - modules with 40 square meters - accompanying the rise and provide little nooks between porches and stone walls that divide spaces (also all accessible by ramps). The pergolas that dot the gardens, with fruit trees and camellias in bloom, and the wood of the houses and the huge deck wood in the pools area transmit the look "more rural" village. "Our ambassadors add some modernity and differentiation", underlines Armindo Carvalho.


The ambassadors refered are the two artists whose works are exhibited in all areas of the Vale de São Torcato, Pedro Guimarães and Dinis Ribeiro. The large screen prints signed by the first, natural of Guimarães, occupy the walls of the rooms, ass well as Wine Bar's. It is also designed by this artist representing the São Torcato shrine that serves as the logo tourist resort. The second, born in São Torcato and training in masonry and woodwork, He is the author of stone sculptures scattered throughout the property and also in the accommodation.

Common to all seven houses is the T1, with kitchenette totally equiped, dining table, sofa and armchair and a private porch with a right to deck of wood and canvas chairs. The invitation to peace comes, this way, from every corner of the enterprise. The decoration of houses - and double room located near the reception - Armindo Carvalho's responsibility, which is concerned primarily with one aspect: comfort. And after a good night's sleep, end-of-week storm Hugo, we can say that the mission was accomplished. Because the houses are soundproofed, nor roosters in neighboring yards are heard. And because the beds - this fundamental element in any hotel room - are dressed in cotton clothing "100% Portuguese" and quantity in pads, we came almost late for breakfast, served at the Wine Bar during the colder months.

Here there is no buffet: the first meal of the day is served at the table, entitled to the classic coffee with milk and tea, orange juice, cereals and seasonal fruits, yogurts, a basket of fresh bread and croissants and a cheese board and Minho's sausages , of those which fill the eye. And for those who prefer to take breakfast in the comfort of home, is possible - upon request at no extra cost - receive a personalized basket and put the table still in pajamas .


This that is, this way, the first (it's unique) accommodation unit in this Guimarães village about 3300 population (according to the Census 2011) "stirred with the local economy". The loaves and croissants served for breakfast are made in the village bakery, who also adapted the production to the needs of the Vale de São Torcato, such as the local laundry. The new development also allowed the restoration of a green area near the brook that runs across the street, with a small miniature circuit and an area designed for picnics, with barbecue available to guests. Soon is the construction of a small glass building near the pool area, which they will be installed a gym and a massage room, and the presentation of the Wine Bar with a new concept and refreshments.

The families, continues Armindo Carvalho, are attracted by the wide spaces where children can play and be outdoors - from the playground to the bike tours, passing through the two pools, one for adults and one for children -, but also many Spanish tourists arrive, outing the region and in search of Guimarães traditions, only six kilometers away. Now the rest of St. Torcato is already recognized outside, the entrepreneur who conceived the mission already has another, very ambitious: "I would like to see São Torcato be recognized as Guimarães's capital of Popular Culture."


Fugas was housed at the invitation of the Vale de São Torcato


Henriques, Ana Maria “Sleeping in the shadow of St. Torcato”. Fugas. 31 March, 2018.

So good…family, friends and head to sites, that bring us peace and tranquility .
A walk in Guimaraes, and visit to S. Torcato, where we were staying. I did not know the village but were rendered upon arrival, for the impressive monastery, an imposing building that invites you to a visit. A rural village, friendly that invites your visit. Oftentimes, also pilgrim crossing point, of the routes of the Santiago Way.
Vale de S.Torcato, where we stayed, with a very quiet surroundings and great care and decorated. We were in one of the apartments "a small house", where comfort is present in every detail. I loved the decor, and realize that each object was not set at random. The room is excellent, both the organization level, decoration, as the quality of textiles. The living room has a sofa bed where were the Girl's, and the kitchen is equipped to make meals.
This time of year, we were not brave enough to use the swimming pool, but was promised a next one, there to take advantage of the maximum space. Breakfast is served at the table, a cozy room, jams, natural juice, several qualities of bread, a delicious croissants, the variety is more than enough.
Still had time for Girl's to seize the mini golf area, as was rain we did not take a swing that there exists, facing a river ...
A thank you to all the staff for the friendliness and professionalism! we promise to return.


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At a time when the tourism of Portugal is perhaps the most fruitful phase of its history, there are numerous cases of new projects coming streamline and complement the extensive existing offer.

It is with naturality that we see São Torcato figure effectively, since June this year, excellence among the options in the search for a solution of comfort and relaxation in the surrounding area of ​​Guimarães.

To the taste of yet another accomplished mission, after finishing the process of design and installation of two pools on site, the Guimágua leaves the assurance that the Vale de São Torcato – Houses & Wine Bar, it is a disparate space in the region, with valences able to make leisure time a constant reality.

The space is defined the same as uni retreat where time runs slowly, conducive to the discovery of treasures in the history of Portugal, where visitors can experience unforgettable moments and relax in an environment peaceful and reconciliatory. “


“Vale de São Torcato Houses & Wine Bar – A distinctive tourism offer”. Guimágua. 6 July, 2017.

Development located in the village of S.Torcato, in deep Minho's rural surroundings, the project seeks to respect the essence of the place which results in features and details such as housing units scattered, marquises, water and vegetation. Open to tourism in 2017.


“Vale de S.Torcato – Houses and Wine Bar”. Lifecooler

Armindo Carvalho was born in S. Torcato, a village on the left bank of the river Selho. There was not a single accommodation space, but that has changed now.

"We lived in a village that did not have a single bed", explains the NiT Armindo Carvalho, owner Vale de S. Torcato, when asked what it is that takes an entrepreneur from decorative fabric area to debut in hotel. "In conversation with the architect did this idea, I thought it might be interesting. "

It was in 2014 that Armindo Carvalho, natural of the village S . Torcato, seven kilometers of Guimarães, bought an agricultural land with 2.800 square meters. At the time I did not know what to do with it, but after the conversation with the architect Manuel Augusto Ramalho Antunes, cabinet CREATE, realized it was at the time of his village to have a space to receive tourists.

The author of the architectural design was obvious, for I had already collaborated before. "I have worked with him for several years. Did the warehouses of my company, my house."

The result was born in 3 June and is in sight: six villas T1, each with living room with kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom. The room also has a sofa bed, which can accommodate two more children. Outside there is a private porch. And because it also speaks of art in this project, each house has a Dinis Ribeiro sculpture, one artist also natural of S. Torcato. There are even artist paintings from Pedro Guimarães.

This is all there. Outside there is a pool with 16 sunbeds, a mini golf course and a terrace with seating for 24 people. As for meals, there is a wine bar, which serves light snacks such as cheeses and sausages boards. Besides that, only breakfast.

Even so, no one goes hungry: the Vale de S. Torcato has partnered with two local restaurants, Fentelhas the restaurant and pizzeria 4 Estações. By order, meals come in a moment to the door of your villa.

Depending on the season, prices range between 110 and 140 € €, with breakfast included. Children up to 12 do not pay.


Miranda, Marta Gonçalves. “This house was born from the dream of a man who wanted a bed in his village”. NiT. 29 of September, 2017.

In a place where time runs slowly born a new retreat. Surrounded by rural landscapes of the banks of the river Selho, Vale de São Torcato lives of colors, smells and flavors of each season. The corn, mills, hanging vines and the granite historical monuments paint the valley. Six kilometers of Guimarães now stands a tourist complex of luxury with six residential structures 40 equipped with air conditioning m², TV, room with kitchenette and toilet. You can soak up the sun and soak in the outdoor pools for adults and children, on the terrace or in the garden. You can even entertain yourself with bicycles and a miniature golf course. Do not miss the wine bar of Guimarães Carole Coelho, which was considered the best barmaid of Portugal at Lisbon Bar Show and here presents a wide selection of cocktails, gins and national wines - including green wine São Torcato. In the property surroundings you can try Minho food and traditional sweets, tour the Camellias Park Flavius, which has the largest collection of camellias Reticulatas in the country, or live family adventures in VivaPark.

“Vale de SãoTorcato Houses & Wine Bar”. Time Out [Porto], p.105.

Modern and challenging, the Vale de S. Torcato – Houses & Wine Bar opened in June, in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Guimarães

In the quiet village of S. Torcato, out of center Guimarães, It opened in summer 2017 an accommodation that defies the odds. O Vale de S. Torcato – Houses & Wine Bar surprises by modernity and use of contemporary art in a rural setting.

The novelty arises as cool wind in the area, but does not turn away from the reality that saw her born: embraces it with the same intensity. As? In the name, figure inspired S. Torcato, venerated on earth, and identity of the area: attempts to replicate the "little ways, granaries, pergolas and porches, scattered housing units, the square, water and vegetable surroundings ", respecting, at the same time, "The natural topography of the land, small walls that support the platforms, The organic shape of the spatial occupation ", describes a presentation note.

The statues of Dinis Ribeiro, local artist, highlight the female figure of "Mother Nature" in the gardens and they add interest and differentiating elements to seven houses of the enterprise (€90 a €160). The apartments have a living room, kitchenette and beds with cotton sheets, It is decorated with craft Antonio Araújo and generous frames of Pedro Guimaraes. The screens represent eight different subjects around the Sanctuary of S. Torcato, visible from the unit. Of strong colors, the works and furniture give life to spaces Vale de S. Torcato – Houses & Wine Bar (Rua das Charnecas, 100, S. Torcato – Guimarães. Tel. 253 534 008).

In these houses, which holds two adults and two children, comfort conditions were guaranteed, wants to sofa beds and chairs or on the walls, made of brick that allows better thermal and acoustic insulation. Prevail timber and the lining is in microcement.

The project from Armindo Carvalho, businessman on the distribution of decorative fabrics, it was "a difficult challenge, but rewarding ". The gardens are filled by fruit trees, and even bonsai camellia, strategically placed by the pool, as if the relaxation of body and spirit those require water, like trees, tranquility, time and, why not, some "artistic ability". Also children have a pool just for them…

In the summer, breakfasts - simple, but tasty – They are served on the terrace, going to the tables of the Wine Bar in the cold seasons. In the Vale de S. Torcato – Houses & Wine Bar it is planned a service of light meals on request, but for now the alternative are the restaurants of the county (the unit has partnerships in this chapter).

With time feature, enjoy the sun on the terrace of Vale de S. Torcato – Houses & Wine Bar. You can also request a massage and explore the miniature zone, great for entertaining the younger. That way there are wooden benches and tables for a picnic, which are synonymous with pleasant afternoons, since the river Selho passes right next…

Neighboring this unit's minigolf , a garden with more than 100 camellia varieties is another point of interest visitable. As the artificial lake that is the 200 meters. Go walking or have a free bike in the unit, to prolong the adventure in the vicinity.

Back to accommodation refuge in the beautiful Wine Bar. It is always open and is a good chance for those who want a drink while waiting for the evening or the hour of sleep.




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Our guests have confirmed. We are an example of hospitality for comfort, difference, facilities, friendliness and dedication. We were awarded the Guest Review Award by Booking, with a score of 9.6 in 10.
A huge thank you to our guests and all those who somehow collaborate daily on this project.